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Ecko is an award winning Nlaka’pamux artist, founder and Visionary, raised with the shishalh Nation and currently living on Pentlatch (Qualicum) Nation lands on Vancouver Island. Ecko is a modern day shape-shifter with digital arts, storyteller through movement and medicine woman of the heart, on a mission to support all people and the planet to return to a natural rhythm of well-being.

On her journey to self-determination from freelance artist to CEO, Ecko has gathered a tool-kit of knowledge that she now carries forward into the ever evolving transformation of her own healing journey and her business, Sacred Matriarch Creative. She weaves together ancestral guidance, circle teachings, sacred space facilitation, medicine, tools, technology, land-based ways of knowing and a vision of New Earth.

Since the launch of Sacred Matriarch Creative in 2019, Ecko has won multiple awards and pitch competitions in the practice of speaking dreams into existence. She envisions a world where Indigenous peoples lead the way through ancient knowing and the next generations are empowered to thrive in their own unique gifts and voices.

Finding A Name...

March 2019, I was brainstorming ideas for my business. I often receive projects, inspirations, new paths through meditation. Matriarch was the word that continued to show up. I shuffled around Matriarch Media and a few other names but none of them quite sat right. I closed my eyes and silenced my mind chatter. Sacred Matriarch Productions came to me. I was hit with instant goosebumps and a petrifying fear at the responsibility just carrying that name would hold. So I did what any one else would do.. opened Facebook to mindlessly scroll because I was obviously way in over my head in big ambitious dream-world. We have now transitioned to Sacred Matriarch Creative.


I opened my feed to this photo of my great-great grandmother Suilinek on Native American History. I had seen it several times but this time I was drawn to click on the comments where I found a recent comment from someone saying he had recordings of this woman from a wax cylinder. I immediately messaged him to hear it. So there I was in 2019, looking at a digital photo of my great-great grandmother, listening to her sing the owl song (represents messenger of change) from my home territory. I bawled my eyes out!


In all the doubts I’ve ever had in myself, I’ve never had a clearer message come through from my ancestors. “It’s time and we’ve got you”.

Sacred Matriarch Creative was born, a legacy journey led by ancestral grandmother guidance. 🦋 
#TrustYourself #BelieveInYourDreams

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