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SacRED is a modern day digital shape-shifter, storyteller through movement and medicine woman of the heart, on a mission to support all people and the planet to recognize truths of the past and present while returning to a natural rhythm of well-being for the future generations.


IndigeHop as she calls it, weaves together a blend of traditional drumming, singing, spoken word and hip-hop. Identifying truths of the world we live in while amplifying voices of her people and teachings of her ancestors.

SacRED produced a solo show at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo, BC as a part of the Discovery Series, released an EP in December of 2019 and debut Album, Silent No More on May 5th, 2021 in honor of National Day of Awareness for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2spirit. The most impactful feedback received after a performance has come from her elders and older generations harmed in residential schools and from the impacts of colonization who shared the healing they received from witnessing her work.

“My goal as an artist and entrepreneur is healing; healing my own traumas, inspiring others to want to heal and providing the tools for our youth to heal from their bloodline traumas. I truly believe that we are given our gifts and our dreams for a reason... trust them! The world needs more people who are in alignment with their gifts from Creator.” -Ecko “SacRED” Aleck