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Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Sacred Space Facilitation

Guided by ancestral knowledge, land-based well-being practices and medicine teachings passed down for generations, we design sacred spaces within physical and virtual environments to bring folks back to a natural rhythm of well-being, tuning into their own seasons and energy cycles.

Image by Zach Reiner


Physical Environment

We establish what our environment and physical bodies need, acknowledge ourselves as whole humans and show up exactly as we are in all that we are. We identify what our basket (container) will be as a collective to co-create a sacred space.


Mindful Awareness

Perspective building, mindful conversations with self and others to support our thought patterns and internal wellness baskets. Gentle awareness weaving and open invitations to get comfortable with being in the uncomfortable as it arises.

Image by Carlos de Miguel
Image by Jeremy Bishop


Emotional Connection

Tuning into a collective rhythm and understanding of self and others. Holding space for all view points to be seen and heard, all heart spaces to be held and nourished. Invitations to a remembering that exists in all of us.


Ancestral Guidance

Let go of the need to control an itinerary, measured outcomes, strategic goals and micromanaged transformation. When we hold the space and listen, there's magic that shines in. Ecko channels ancestral guidance for each circle. All outlines and topics are subject to change based on the energies present and messages asking to come through for each group.

Image by Jonatan Pie
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